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Will California Lead in Nanotech?

An Evening with Congressman Mike Honda, Ex-NASA Ames Administrator Scott Hubbard, and other Thought Leaders

Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Time: Hors d'oeuvres and networking at 6:00 PM, program starts at 7:00 PM
Cost: $10 fee to cover expenses
Location: NASA Ames Research Center, building 943. Note that this building is outside NASA's main entrance gate.

California has been consistently ranked as the leading state in nanotechnology R&D in the US. However, this position is by no means assured. Other states, like Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Michigan, and Texas are close behind California in rankings by Small Times and other publications. They are aggressively positioning themselves as the future centers of nanotechnology innovation and commercialization in the US.

The question that we will address is: What is California doing to assure its leadership in nanotechnology over the coming years? This question is particularly poignant as Silicon Valley looks for the next wave of technologies to succeed semiconductors, biotech and software as economic drivers for the region.

Join us for an evening of insight on California's role in the future of nanotech with a distinguished panel of thought leaders including: Congressman Mike Honda, Ex-NASA Ames Administrator Scott Hubbard, UC Berkeley Special Assistant to the Chancellor, Tom Kalil, and the president of the Foresight Institute, Christine Peterson.

Congressman Mike Honda and State Controller Steve Westly commissioned the Blue Ribbon Task Force for Nanotechnology in 2005 to develop a strategy to maintain California's leadership. Ex-NASA Ames Administrator, Scott Hubbard, who led this task force, will share the results of the year-long study with us. Additionally, copies of the task force final recommendation white paper will be made available to all attendees.

Following Scott's talk we will have three speakers discussing their specific initiatives. Tom Kalil on the California Innovation Initiative. Christine Peterson on the Foresight/Battelle Nanotech Roadmap, and finally, Congressman Honda will discuss the new nanotech legislation that he is working on.

Speakers' Presentations
Scott Hubbard, Ex-NASA Ames Administrator
Tom Kalil, UC Berkeley Special Assistant to the Chancellor
Christine Peterson, President of the Foresight Institute

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