Quantum Communication
The First Of The Quantum Information Industries

Date: Thursday, October 20, 2005
Location: NASA Ames Research Center, building 943. Note that this building is outside NASA's main entrance gate.

Twenty years since the initial discoveries of quantum cryptography, quantum communication is flourishing and not all of it just in research. Efforts are ongoing in quantum cryptography, photonics, quantum electronics, materials science, and quantum information theory. In quantum cryptography, for instance, a party exchanging encryption keys is guaranteed by quantum key distribution (QKD) to be alerted to the nefarious aims of a third-party eavesdropper. Two startup companies are already commercializing this security feature and we are planning to feature both of them at our panel. More exotic quantum communications, such as quantum teleportation, have only recently been demonstrated in the lab but are already being designed into the fascinating quantum networks of research quantum computers. Components crucial to the creation of a quantum communication infrastructure, such as higher-bandwidth single photon sources and detectors, are being constructed out of engineered structures like nano-scale quantum dots and photonic band-gap crystals. All of these trends are converging to deliver brighter, exotic states of entangled light over longer distances.

Whether your interests are closer-in, looking towards business; or further out, looking at quantum technologies and their applications; you are sure to be excited by this panel discussion about quantum communication. We have pioneers in industry and leaders of research to discuss this blossoming field and its implications for commerce and science. Come early to meet them and network in the tradition of the MIT Stanford Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum.

Speakers' Presentations

Bob Gelfond, CEO, MagiQ

Richard Hughes, Laboratory Fellow, Los Alamos National Labs (LANL)
Prof. Yoshihisa Yamamoto, Stanford University
Colin Williams, Program Manager Advanced Computing Paradigms, Jet Propulsion Labs

Moderator's Presentation
Richard Gordon, President, T-Zero Engineering

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