Past Event

Nano-Sensor Networks

Date: Thursday, March 17th, 2005
Location: Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University

The convergence of nanotechnology, RFID and information processing technologies is enabling the emergence of distributed networks of cheap and small sensors for real-time chemical and biological detection. The applications of these nano-sensor networks may revolutionize everything from supply chain management to homeland security. Silicon Valley is at the heart of many of these innovations and seems poised to play a critical role in the emergence of these new paradigms. Our next event will feature recognized innovators in this area who will talk to us about the future of detection technologies.


Wasiq Bokhari, Managing Partner, Quantum Insight


Professor Arun Majumdar, Almy & Agnes Maynard Chair Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley, President & CEO, Kalinex, Inc.
H. Perry Fell, Ph.D., President & CEO, NanoString Technologies, Inc.
Professor Nick Melosh, Assistant Professor of Materials Science, Stanford University
Mike A. Horton, President & CEO, Crossbow Technology Inc.

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