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Nanotech Tools
Accelerating the Development of Nanotechnology

Date: Thursday, March 25th, 2004
Location: Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University

Every revolution has its own "picks and shovels." Nanotechnology is no exception. The advancements that have been made so far in nanotechnology would not have been possible without the help of the pre-existing infrastructure of the "small tools" industry. Nanotech Tools are those instruments and software which allow us to see, touch, manipulate, manufacture, model and simulate in the nano world. Now it is more important than ever for the tools to take a leap in capability in order to effectively support the explosion in nanotechnology which is anticipated over time. This panel will focus on how instruments and software will drive the unfolding of nanotechnology in its many forms. What are the key trends in the nanotech tools sector? What is the are the issues and bottlenecks that the nanotech tools industry is facing now, and what needs to happen in the tools realm to best enable the rapid development of nanotechnology? Is the tools sector prepared to support the impending transition from scientific research and prototyping to pilot production to commercial scale-up of manufacturing? What role will software play in moving forward the field? Our panelists will share their insights and lessons learned from their experience in a variety of nanotech tools companies.

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William A. Goddard


William A. Goddard,
Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science, and Applied Physics and Director of the Materials and Process Simulation Center, California Institute of Technology

Lewis S. Gruber, President & CEO, Arryx, Inc.
Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood, Director of Nanotechnology, Accelrys
Maximilian Schroeck, Managing Director, Agilent Ventures
Lloyd Lacomb, VP of Semiconductor Products, Veeco

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